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Automatic Oval Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Oval Screen Printing Machine

Model No.: SM-01

Oval automatic textile printing machine originates from the carousel machine, and it holds an advantage on performance and applicability of printing technique. The whole machine adopts modular design and the main structure is made of aluminum alloy with high intensity. Since the rotating system is driven by the high precision servo, the machine has an advantage of responding very quickly and smoothly printing with high precision, reliable performance and easy operation. It is suitable for various printing techniques such as water print, heat set ink print and rubber print.
Control System
HMI and PLC with self-diagnostics, Language on HMI can be switched between Chinese and English, and the help information simplifies operation process and training, Production speed monitor ensures accurate job costing, four operating modes, Focus, Plate warm-up, Auto circle, Single circle.

Printing Plate
Aviation aluminum alloy plate with high intensity can work in high temperature, Quick assembly and disassembly