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Pneumatic Flat vertical Screen Printing Machine

Pneumatic Flat Vertical Screen Printing Machine

Model No.: SM-30

Main Technical Variables:
1. Microprocessor controls each function with high automation and easy operation
2. 5 digit auto counter built in.
3. It has function of triangle which improves printing efficiency
4. It has function of flat printing, vacuum table adopted.
5. Auto ink scraping and flooding and frame elevating make operation easy
and ensure stable printing quality.
6. Printing stroke and speed are adjustable to meet different printing requirements
7. Auto balanced squeegee ensures equalized printing pressure
8. Flood blade holder cab be lifted by pneumatic so that screen replacing is
easy and convenient.
9. Worktable can be adjusted forward/backward, left/right and rotated slightly.
Screen frame can be finely adjusted up/down. Printing is high and adjustment easy.